Man hailing the taxi

No car? No problem!

Let All-Star Transportation Service pick you up for your daily errands.

Taxi on the road

Need to get to an appointment?

You have a busy schedule and do not want to be late. Trust your driver to get you to any appointment on time, every time! If you need to get to the hospital, doctor, or dentist, count on the drivers at All-Star Transportation Service.

Not sure how long your appointment will be? That's okay. Your driver will gladly take you home after it's done. The friendly and dependable drivers are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Enjoy the fresh air

Take a deep breath and relax as you get the executive service you deserve! Notice there is no smoking in any taxis so you won't have a lingering smell from the seats or have to worry about second-hand smoke.

Don't worry about getting lost, either. All the drivers are local and familiar with Bay and Walton counties. So sit back and relax until you arrive at your destination wherever it may be.


  • Taxi is charged at $2.50 per mile with a $10 minimum.
  • Shuttle rates are given as a flat rate contact us for the exact amount.
  • Limo rates pertain to any our fleet of vehicles as an hourly rate.

Call today to schedule a ride for your next appointment!


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